Chinese New Year 2021


Awesome taste … 


● Cookies – 1 pack
● boiled condensed milk – 1st ..l. (with a slide)
● half banana
● 2 tbsp. walnuts (chopped)
● white chocolate – floor tiles


Cookies "Jubilee". She decided to make a little, from one such pack. First you need to grind cookies. It is possible in a blender. I'm rolling pin …

Add a spoonful of boiled condensed milk to chopped cookies. Mix well into a homogeneous mass. Cut the banana. Make a mass of cake, put a slice of banana. Form a ball.

Top pour over the bitter chocolate and the cake is ready. But I did not have chocolate and I decided to roll in nuts. Poured these chopped nuts into this mass, kneaded. I made a sausage, flattened it, put pieces of bananas in the middle. The edges snagged. Ride so that was round and rovnenko
Cut into pieces. I wanted to leave it like this, but I was afraid that the banana would darken and it would be neither beautiful nor appetizing. I remembered that I had somewhere white chocolate, like this: I melted the floor of the tile and dipped my sides into the chocolate and sprinkled some more with the chopped cookies.

Put it in the freezer for a few minutes so that the chocolate froze. And such candy I have turned out!

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