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Super Delicious Pie with Cabbage and Meat

Fresh cabbage – half of a small Kochchik
350 – 400 grams of beef mince (can be chicken) what you like
salt seasoning to taste
fresh greens
1 cup of kefir
1 cup of mayonnaise
3 eggs
1 teaspoon baking soda or baking powder
8 tablespoons of flour (with a slide)
vegetable oil
half of the whipped protein for ready-to-lubricate cake (you can not do it and so tasty and beautiful)

1.Small chop the cabbage, blanch it in a small amount of water.
2. As soon as the water is boiling, hold for 1 minute and pour it into the other.
3.Small chopped greens – parsley dill and onion
4. Fry the minced meat in vegetable oil (olive oil) added a pinch of such good Provencal herbs and salt to taste.
Stuffing is ready and waiting in the wings.
5. Mix our cabbage, minced meat and greens.
5. Pour kefir glass and mayonnaise into a bowl, add a spoon of soda and 3 eggs.
6. We sip there 8 tablespoons of flour, beat everything with a mixer.
7. Lubricate the cake pan (I have 26 cm) with vegetable oil.
8. Pour half of the dough into the form.
9. Putting stuffing gently.
Top pour the second half of the dough.
10. Carefully level and put in the oven cold) 180 degrees for 30 minutes
11. In 25-30 minutes we check the readiness with a wooden stick (toothpick. Skewer).

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