Chinese New Year 2021

Stuffed pancakes on boiled kefir


My mom's recipe buns! They are very lush, soft and sweet. It is sometimes difficult to ensure that the pancakes are thick and not rubber. This recipe will be with you forever! Kefir – 500 ml Flour (Sometimes it takes 2.5 or even 2 cups. Depends on the quality of flour and eggs.) – 3 cups. Egg – 1 pc Sugar – 3 tbsp. l Vanilla sugar – 1 tbsp. l Salt (Pinch) Baking powder – 1 tbsp. l Vegetable oil (It depends on how you will fry) 1. Beat the egg, salt, sugar. 2. Bring kefir to a boil (but do not boil). Do not be afraid of what will become of him! 3. Quietly pour kefir into the eggs, stirring quickly. 4. Now add flour, van. sugar and baking powder. The dough should be very dense, barely draining from the spoon. 5. Heat the frying pan with a large amount (5 mm thick) rast. butter (I prefer pancakes and pancakes to fry in a cast iron pan). 6. Spread our future pancakes with a spoon. As soon as the dough starts to bubble, turn over. (It is better to fry under the lid closed. Thus, the pancakes will rise even better!) 7. I serve with jam and honey. The whole family is always delighted with such pancakes! Tip: 1. After frying pancakes put on napkins, so that all the excess fat is gone. 2. Put the pancakes on each other only after they have cooled, otherwise they will settle. 3. Instead of baking powder, you can put soda (DO NOT EXTEND!) 4. You can add everything you like to your pancakes: raisins, lemon, nuts, apple, orange, pear, etc.

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