Chinese New Year 2021


● 1 glass of fresh strawberries
● 1 cup of cottage cheese
● 1 incomplete glass of yogurt
● 100 ml of water
● 2-2.5 st.l. gelatin
● several chocolate cookies
● 5 tbsp. sugar (to taste)
● 1 tsp vanilla sugar

Gelatin pour cold boiled water and leave for 5 minutes. The cake for dessert should be soft and fresh. Add vanilla sugar. Add sugar to taste. If the cheese is sour, then add sugar more than 5 tbsp. Fill the yogurt. Beat the curd mass with a blender to get a homogeneous mass. Gelatin is slightly heated to completely dissolve. Pour it into the curd mass and again using a blender, beat everything until homogeneous.

We wash the strawberries under running water. Cut the berries into medium sized cube. Add berries to the curd mass and mix them very carefully, trying to keep the berries from dropping to the bottom of the bowl in which the dessert will cool down. . We do this carefully so that the crumbs do not sink.

We send strawberry dessert in the fridge. To prevent the dessert from being filled with the smells of the refrigerator, it is better to cover the container with a lid or cling film. After 2 hours, the dessert can be served. Your relatives will carry you on their hands for such a tasty and healthy summer meal.

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