New Recipes 2021

Sponge cake that never falls and does not sink

– Egg – 4 pcs
– Sugar – 150 g
– Flour – 150 g
– Dough baking powder – 1 tsp.


In a large cup, break all the eggs, add sugar, and put this cup in a water bath, on a slow fire.
Now we will beat the mixture with a whisk. As soon as the mass became homogeneous and the sugar dissolved, we remove it from the water bath. And now we beat it up with a mixer at the highest speed, approximately 8-10 minutes.
Attention, the secret! Beat the eggs until then, after running your finger along the beaten mass, the groove remains, like this, and does not disappear. This means that the eggs are beaten as it should! Add the sifted flour with baking powder, mix from top to bottom. Put the dough in a greased form and bake in the oven at 200 grams for 20-25 minutes. Check the readiness of the biscuit with your hands, not with a stick. If you get the biscuit out of the oven, this biscuit will never fall!
So, check readiness hands. Gently press on the biscuit – he should return to the place like a sponge. This means that the biscuit is ready, and if the hole remains, then you need to hold it a little more in the oven!

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