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Smetannik cake

for the test
butter or margarine – 100 gr.
eggs – 2 pcs.
condensed milk – 1 can
soda (slaked) – 1h. l
flour – 8 tbsp. l
cocoa – 1 tbsp. l

for cream
sour cream 20% – 600 – 700 gr.
sugar – 100 gr.

1. Mix softened butter with eggs, beat
2. Add condensed milk, whisk
3. Soda quench with vinegar, add to the dough, beat
4. Sift the flour in the dough, mix
5. Divide the dough into two parts.
The dough should turn out like thick sour cream.
6. In one of the parts add sifted cocoa, stir.
And we start to bake our cakes at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes (depending on the stove).
While the cakes are baked, we are preparing the cream.
Sour cream and sugar combine and whisk a little.
Ready cakes cut in half. And cut the sides.
Each cake prick with a fork (except the bottom) and grease with cream.
And so we coat all the cakes and sidewall.

for glaze
butter – 50 gr.
milk – 2 tbsp. l
cocoa – 2 tbsp. l
sugar – 4 tbsp. l

All ingredients mix. Put on the fire. as soon as boils, remove from heat. Allow to cool.

I like the combination of chocolate, sour cream and banana. That's why I added bananas to this recipe. Cut them into thin circles and lay out between the cakes and on top! DELICIOUS!
In the photo I have not really got up the cake, because I confused and threw a whole pack of butter … (sometimes it happens). And so the cakes are more lush.

Good appetite!

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