Chinese New Year 2021



Cake (waffle, 6-7 pieces, approx. 100 g) – 1 pack.

Herring (salted, fillet, approx. 200 g) – 1 pc Mushrooms – 300 g

Onion (two pieces) – 200 g

Carrots – 300 g

Mayonnaise (preferably homemade) – 200 g

Hard cheese (any, but you can also add 30 g of parmesan) – 100 g

Greens (any favorite) – 1 bundle.

Here is
our simple ingredients. Herring fillet and one onion are ground in
blender (or thermomix) Fried mushrooms with onions, boiled carrots and
cheese in turn is also ground in a blender. Cheese can be grated on
grater. I cook the carrots in the microwave in the sleeve for 7-8 minutes. on
power 900 watts.

Now collect the cake. First waffle cake
we put herring with onion, evenly distribute the mass throughout
Korzh. Top it with mayonnaise and cover with a second cake plate. On
the second cake impose chopped fried mushrooms with onions and also not
we regret mayonnaise (mayonnaise I use only my home, my own, my own), and
We cover with the next cake. Carrot goes to the third cake
covered with mayonnaise. Repeat these layers again. Top carrot layer
greased with mayonnaise, generously sprinkle with cheese, and then decorate with greens.
Let us brew for at least 1 hour, and better than 3 hours, it is possible for the night, in
the fridge. The longer the cake will stay in the fridge – in reasonable
limits, of course (for example, night), the better it will be cut. Waffle
Cakes for this cake can be taken in any shape, even round. But for
cutting into neat pieces is more suitable square or
rectangular cakes.

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