Chinese New Year 2021


Here are the girls at work treated to a salad, I really liked: the original and non-beat.
Try it)

1 layer – (giving food consumption per one large salad bowl) – half of chicken fillet (boil, chop, salt and pepper).
2 layer – one large kiwi (cut into half rings)
3 layer – grated 3 egg whites
4 layer – grated apple
5 layer – 150 gr. cheese (about), grate too
6 layer – Korean carrot (girls, carrot must also be cut, surely! It is usually very long, so when you start typing salad, carrots stretch almost all of the layer behind the spoon) just ate, exhausted, I unknowingly put it like it is
7 layer – the remaining yolks (on a fine grater).
We coat all the layers with mayonnaise.
Enjoy your meal!

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