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The simplest of the simple. Anyone can handle it.
Well, in the end – oohs and ahs you provided, and "swallow fingers" and "yes you are the goddess of the kitchen."
The main thing – bake in the evening. Let him stand up the night necessarily. And the cottage cheese grabs, and will be cut exactly.

First filling:
In one bowl pour out a pound of cottage cheese. Add half a cup of sugar. Immediately, I note that we use a 360-ml bowl as a cup.

She and we measure the sugar and flour. Choose and something more suitable for yourself. So, cottage cheese, sugar. There – 4 eggs, a small pack (a teaspoon) of vanilla sugar, a teaspoon of baking powder (you can replace 1/3 teaspoon of soda.
And be sure to – zest with 1/3 of lemon. Zest in the finished filling is very appropriate.

Stir the entire contents of the bowl with a whisk or mixer.

The filling is very liquid, slightly thicker than kefir, slightly thinner sour cream))

The stuffing was set aside – take the second bowl and make the dough. In fact, the sand dough performs the role of the dough. And it is magical – no need to knead, roll, and so on.

The baby is made elementary:
Pour in a bowl and a half a cup of flour, another half cup of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon full of baking powder full with top (you can also substitute half a teaspoon of soda).

Then take 150 grams of butter or margarine, cold. And grater.
Put the grater right in the flour. And constantly dipping butter in flour, rub it on the grater.

If it is mixed with flour right away in the process, it will not be stuck on a grater in one lump.
And then just hands rub everything into a crumb. A minute of work.

Take the form, cover the paper. Lubricate the oil from the inside – for safety net))

2/3 crumbs pour into the form evenly.

Slightly crushing fingers blind around the edges of a small side.

Pour the curd filling.

And sprinkle the remaining crumb gently and evenly on top of the cake.

And that's all. Put in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees.
Bake exactly 45 minutes.

Then take the cake out of the oven, remove it from the mold, but do not remove it from the paper.
Leave on paper for the night. If it seems to you that the cake in the middle has not been baked and the filling is watery – then make sure in the morning – it really seemed to you. Everything will stand up over night.
Cut into 12 pieces – can not go wrong. Do not eat yourself. Well, except that a little piece. To confirm to yourself that you still have golden hands, and yes, it melts in your mouth.
Enjoy your meal!

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