Chinese New Year 2021

Roulette is non-woven


For sponge cake:
– 4 eggs
– 100 g sugar
– 1 tsp. baking powder
– 150 g flour


Beat eggs with sugar, add baking powder and flour and beat (I beat with a blender). Cover the baking sheet with baking paper and grease. butter, pour the dough 3-5 mm thick and bake in a preheated 180 * oven for 15 minutes. Take a dishcloth, wet with water and spread on the table. Turn the finished biscuit on a towel, remove baking paper and gently with a wet towel twist into a roll tight. Allow to cool.

– 3 tbsp. sour cream
– 100 g of cottage cheese
– 100 g sugar
– 2 tbsp. berries of cowberry (you can and others)
Beat Everything in a blender. Gently unwind the towel with a roll, smear the biscuit with cream and screw it back on without a towel. Decorate the finished roll with the remaining cream and chocolate grated on a fine grater. Let it stand.

Enjoy your meal!

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