Chinese New Year 2021

Recipe "hem or Tatar belyashi":


Tastier did not try. The principal difference of this recipe from similar to the use of yeast-free dough.

Ingredients for "Crossing or Tatar Belyashi":
Minced meat (I use minced veal with the addition of 30% pork.) – 1 kg
Onion – 3 pcs
Sparkling water (Lew on the eye, the stuffing itself will tell you how much it is needed.) – 100 g
Wheat flour (I usually take with a stock. I bake cheese with garlic and herbs in the remains of dough. I get magic cakes with cheese.) – 1 kg
Kefir (Dough always takes differently. So – by the eye.) – 1 l
Salt (to taste)
Black pepper (to taste)
Vinegar soda (quenched slightly less than half a teaspoon of soda)
Vegetable oil

1. Salt minced meat – pepper, pour soda and let it brew for half an hour.
2. Then squeeze the stuffing / without fanaticism /
3. In the stuffing add chopped manually / as small as possible / onions. About three medium onions per 1 kg of minced meat.
4. Knead the flour on kefir, add a teaspoon / without top / soda, previously quenched with vinegar. Salt to taste. The dough should not turn out liquid, but not very cool. It should be soft, but not stick to hands. Cover with a towel and let stand for thirty minutes.
5. Roll out the dough, cut circles 15 cm in diameter, put mince in the middle and wrap edges, leaving minced meat in the center open.
6. Fry in vegetable oil over moderately high heat. First, the side with the open meat, then the other. The less twist, the better. It is advisable to learn how to fry, turning over only once.
Little secret – do not regret the stuffing! Enjoy your meal!!!

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