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Recipe for mackerel stewed with carrots and onions.

Mackerel is a very piquant fish, from which you can prepare a lot of delicious dishes. I want to offer you a recipe for mackerel stewed with onions and carrots. It turns out a light and tasty dish. On the side dish I advise boiled rice.

To make mackerel stewed with onions and carrots, you will need:
mackerel – 2 pcs .;
salt and spices – to taste;
onions – 1 pc .;
carrots – 1 pc .;
cooking oil for frying;
tomato paste – 2 tbsp. l .;
greenery for decoration.

Clean mackerel from entrails, cut off fins and tail, rinse fish thoroughly.

Cut mackerel into portions.

Onions and carrots clean. Onion cut into half rings, carrot grate a large grater. Fry the vegetables in the pan in the heated vegetable oil, stirring occasionally, until half cooked.

Salt the fish, sprinkle with spices, mix. Place the mackerel slices on the carrots and onions, cover with a lid (no need to add water) and leave for 10 minutes over low heat.

Then open the lid, add tomato paste to the mackerel, onions and carrots, mix very gently, cover and simmer another 15 minutes or more on very low heat.

Delicious and spicy mackerel stewed with onions and carrots, ready.
Serve with fresh herbs and boiled rice for garnish.

Enjoy your meal! Delight your loved ones with delicious recipes!

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