Chinese New Year 2021

Quick cookies

Here the main thing 2 things – sour cream and margarine …. Well, still half a packet of baking powder and flour … how much will it take.
250 g margarine (soft – first let it lie outside the fridge)
300 g sour cream
2.5 – 3 tbsp. flour (or rather, how much it will take on a soft, non-sticky dough)
0.5 bags of baking powder.

No sugar or eggs are needed in the dough … for half an hour in the fridge, then unpack, squeeze out with a glass – hop into sugar and on a baking sheet.

I squeezed out a glass from the flask))

and everything, it is so flaky and tender … who doesn’t like sweets – dunk in sesame, cumin, poppy seeds and other seeds …

And most importantly – his dofiga goes, this cookie)

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