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Prague Cake or Prague Cake Recipe

The Prague Prague cake recipe was developed by Vladimir Mikhailovich Guralnik, the main pastry chef of the Prague restaurant.

"Prague" cake – products:

300 grams 15% sour cream;
200 grams of sugar;
200-300 grams of wheat flour;
2 eggs;
1 can of condensed milk;
1 teaspoon soda;

"Prague" cake – cooking cakes

First of all, remove the butter from the refrigerator and put the pack in the container in which we will make the cream. Let the oil briquette stand at room temperature until it is soft. It is better not to put in the microwave: it is easy to miss the moment when the oil begins to melt. Now let's do the preparation of the test. First, carefully beat the eggs with all the amount of sugar indicated in the recipe.

If there is a mixer, it is better to use it: you need to beat up to the maximum dissolution of sugar crystals. After that, add sour cream and whisk everything together until smooth. Then add a teaspoon of soda to the egg-cream mixture.

Again, mix the mass and begin to add in portions of flour, mixed with 4-5 teaspoons of cocoa. It can be a little less if you want the cut to be not too dark on the cut. Begin to thoroughly knead the dough, if necessary, adding flour. As a result, we should get a smooth, brilliant dough, without lumps and similar to thick sour cream in consistency.

Prepare the form. It is advisable to cover it with parchment paper or to miss with butter and sprinkle with flour. When the form is ready, pour the dough into it (the form should be half filled, no longer worth it, it is better to bake then another separate cake) and put in a heated oven heated to 150-180 degrees.

After 5-10 minutes, you can slightly reduce the fire, and after 15-20, as the smell goes, you can carefully check the readiness of the cake. We check it in the traditional way: we stick a wooden toothpick or a match into the blank. If, after extraction, it remains dry and there are no sticking crumbs, then everything is ready and it is time to get the pastries out of the oven.

Remove the form, let it stand on the strength of a couple of minutes and remove the workpiece. We shift it to the working surface of the table or to a wooden board and carefully, without cooling, cut along.

While the cakes cool down, prepare the cream.

Cream – preparation

Everything is very simple here, you just need to whip butter with cocoa and condensed milk. First, beat the butter in a smooth homogeneous mass with a mixer.

And only then do we start adding condensed milk in portions. The amount of condensed milk depends, as always, solely on your desire. Do you want the cream to be closer to the oil in consistency – stop much earlier, about a third of a can. Want a little thinner and more cream – Pour more milk.

Many who love the most delicate of the Prague cake consistency, additionally saturate the cakes with various syrups.

The same applies to cocoa: you can not put it in the cream at all – and you get the so-called "Prague-striped". I will certainly sprinkle on cocoa butter, less than 3 teaspoons never put. On the photo is a cream with 4 teaspoons of cocoa and a can of condensed milk.

Cream for 15-20 minutes is better to put on the cold, so it is easier to apply it evenly on the cakes. Well, after this time we are doing everything as always: we put the cakes in a pile on a dish, smearing each with a generous layer of cream.

The top of the cake and sides can be glazed, and you can also coat with cream.

Decorate as your heart desires. Photo 6 – 10 shows the options for decorating a Prague cake.

Let now the cake stand a couple of hours to soak.

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