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PREPARATION: Chicken breast is boiled in advance (but there can be any other part of the chicken). Potatoes also cooked. Then everything is simple. Clean the onion, cut it into small pieces and fry in a pan over low heat. Do not forget to stir sometimes. While the beet is fried, chop the chicken in a blender. We grind not finely, not to dust. It must be seen that it is meat. As lightly asked the light, pour the chicken to it, salt and pepper, mix and remove from the frying pan into the plate.

Potato crush in mashed potatoes. Shout, as I would not like to use a blender. Add the egg and pound again. When the potatoes become more or less "smooth" we put the pan on the fire, pour the vegetable oil. In fact, you can make meat patties with meat inside. To do this, on a wet palm, "ivy" a tablespoon with a good pile of mashed potatoes. In the center we put three teaspoons of chicken and carefully reduce the edges of the potatoes. Then we crush

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