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Perfect pie – neither add nor add

Juicy apples and tender sour cream.

We present you a very simple and fast apple pie. Its feature is a rich apple flavor combined with a delicate sour cream.

Apple pie with cream


1 kg of apples
2 tbsp. flour
150 g butter
0.5 tbsp. sour cream
0.5 tsp. soda
1 egg
1 tbsp. Sahara
1 tsp. vinegar


Two tablespoons of flour leave for the cream, and the rest combined with softened butter, pour half a glass of water and mix well.

Add the vinegar-baked soda to the dough. Make a soft dough that won't stick to your hands.

Peel apples, core, chop them into thin slices. Try to take apples of different varieties. It will be even more tasty if you take sweet and sour. The trick is that it makes the taste richer and more voluminous.

Roll out the dough, put it in a greased form, put the apple slices on top in any way. You can sprinkle apples with cinnamon and sugar on top, but this is an amateur.

To make a cream: mix sugar, sour cream, an egg and two tablespoons of flour. Mix it all up with a mixer. The cream should be quite liquid.

Pour the cream on the dough with apples. Put the oven in the oven, heated to 200 degrees for 40-50 minutes. Check the readiness of the cake with a skewer.

Allow the pie to cool in shape and only then take it out. Dust it on top with powdered sugar.

Serve the cake, of course, best with fragrant unsweetened tea. Do not forget to share the recipe with your friends! Enjoy your meal!

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