Chinese New Year 2021

"Perfect" pancakes

The most delicate pleasure … 💋


● 0.5 liters of kefir
● 1 egg
● 1-1.5 st.l. Sahara
● 1/3 tsp salt
● 0.5 tsp. soda
● 350 g flour


Pour kefir in a bowl, add the egg, sugar and salt. (Kefir is better to be at room temperature, but I had it from the fridge and still everything worked out perfectly!)

Stir thoroughly with a whisk

Then pour the flour and soda (soda should be added with flour, not earlier)
Then stir the dough. It is quite thick, but do not be afraid – misses.

Stir the dough immediately. Because this dough no more stir is needed. He is contraindicated!

So, you have kneaded the dough – now you can safely forget about it for 10-15 minutes (if kefir from the refrigerator, it is better to “forget” for 20-30 minutes).
During this time, the reaction will start soda with acid in yogurt, bubbles will go. The dough will rise slightly and its structure will change. Well, the gluten will swell, by itself.

Then turn on the stove, put the pan. I put a wet pan – wait for it to dry – it means warm up, pour oil.

So the oil heats up. You take a spoon and begin to scoop the dough. With one side of the spoon, take the dough at the very side of the bowl.

Then just gently spread the dough in a frying pan. Do not tear it, do not shake off. And separate. You can even cut off the excess by pressing the edge of the spoon against the wall of the bowl.

Laid out – fry. Slow. Look at the pancakes – it becomes clear from them when it is time to turn them over.
Here in this photo you can see that the dough from the bottom is already roasted half the thickness.

Give him a little more time, because from the back, pancakes are roasted faster. If along the edge of the muffin it is already clear that the dough has grabbed at least two-thirds from the bottom – you can turn it over. Put the scapula under the pancakes completely and turn over in one motion.

More batter, of course, spread. And our dough – not at all. On the contrary, it will only rise more. Oh, yes, I almost forgot – pouring the dough into the pan, keep in mind that the pancakes will double in size and therefore keep a distance.
When frying fritters from the inside out – do not be afraid, lift them with a spatula and see how the bottom is fried.

Remove the finished batch – immediately add oil to the level was the same.
Oil is poured – do not wait for it to heat up – again and immediately lay out the dough and fry on.
On the second approach and the subsequent ones, I am already beginning to slow down, add fire (I told about this above). Because the pan heats stronger, and we do not need more.

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