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Oriental croutons


Armenian lavash – 1 pc;
Soft Creamy Cream Cheese – 200 grams;
Garlic – 3 slices;
Crab sticks – 100 grams;
Dill greens – 0, 5 bunches;
Sunflower oil deodorized – 3 tbsp. spoons;
Chicken eggs – 2 pieces;
Wheat flour – 1 tsp.

If you have friendly gatherings, then try to surprise the guests with these unusual croutons. They are well suited for beer and other drinks, they are eagerly eaten by children. No matter how many times you make them, the plate will become empty very quickly. Enjoy your meal!


To make croutons, you need to take a sheet of Armenian pita bread, crab sticks, soft melted cheese (I have “Creamy”), dill greens, eggs, wheat flour, deodorized sunflower oil and garlic. Crab sticks free from plastic packaging and finely chopped. Peel the garlic cloves and dry with a fine grater. Put the cheese in a bowl and add garlic to it. Knead well. Dill greens washed in running water, dry and finely chop.

Lavash is cut into 4 equal rectangles (fold in half, cut, and then fold each half in half and cut). Spread cream cheese on one layer. Cheese sprinkle with dill. Top with crab sticks. Sticks close the second layer of pita. Repeat the filling filling on the second and third layers. Finally close the fourth layer and press. Use a sharp knife to cut the resulting briquette into small pieces.

Add flour to the eggs. Mass lightly beat. Semi-finished croutons generously dip into the egg mass and fry in oil on both sides until browning.

Enjoy your meal!

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