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Meat Cake

Will need:

For pancakes:

500 g chicken fillet
2 onions
3 eggs
200 g sour cream or kefir
6 tbsp. l flour
salt, pepper to taste
a pinch of soda
rast. frying oil
For filling:

5 tomatoes
500 g of mayonnaise
garlic head
250 g of hard cheese
cilantro and dill

Wash chicken fillet, cut into slices and mince along with onions. Then add eggs, flour, sour cream (kefir), soda, salt, pepper to taste, mix. From the resulting mass to bake in a pan with a plant. butter on both sides of pancakes.
For the filling, wash the tomatoes and cut them into thin slices. Cheese grate on a coarse grater. Garlic peel, skip through the press and mix with mayonnaise. Greens chopped.
Lubricate the cooled meat pancakes with garlic-mayonnaise mixture and stack them on top of each other, sandwiching them with tomatoes, sprinkling with cheese and greens. Ready to put the cake for 2 hours in the fridge to soak.

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