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Marinated mackerel per day

You will need:

– Fresh-frozen mackerel 3 pcs.
– Onion 3 pcs.
– Garlic 3 tooth.
– Sugar 1 tsp.
– Salt 1 tbsp.
– Vinegar 3 tbsp.
– Vegetable oil 2 tbsp.
– Bay leaf 2-3 pcs.
– Pepper sweet pea 1 tsp.
– A mixture of peppers to taste

How to cook:

1. The easiest recipe will describe quickly and easily. The last time I cooked 2 mackerel, although both of them were large, but all the same I reduced all the other ingredients of the dish in proportion.
With pepper, I think, every housewife will be determined to your taste. I stopped at exactly this ratio: I put both sweet peppers (not black, but fragrant!), And ground pepper mix. About vinegar. I rarely say this, but for this recipe I would use ordinary table vinegar. Or apple. In my opinion, wine, balsamic and other noble vinegars really change the taste. And the taste, as we know, is better to change, when we already know the classic version of cooking. And just a few words about oil. In the list of ingredients, I wrote succinctly – “vegetable oil”, because you can use whatever you like. I prefer olive oil, which is viscous, bright yellow, with a characteristic taste and aroma. If desired, add some lemon juice to the olive oil.
2. Note the time)
Let's start with the fish. Attention – we carry out all manipulations with frozen fish! You can defrost quite a bit at room temperature, only to the point where the fish can be cut. With thawed fish, a standard case will come out – the pieces will fall apart, they will turn out to be shaggy, uneven.
Onions, I cut into rings, and garlic – plates.
3. Now we put all the sliced ​​mackerel, onion, garlic and all seasoning spices in a large bowl and mix it very carefully. Done!
It remains only to decompose the banks. I got 1 jar, which is in the photo, and another 1 – a little more volume. These same jars put in the fridge for 1 day. I shook the jars a couple of times during the time they stood in the fridge.
4. And when in a day you will get a piece of pickled mackerel and taste it, you will definitely not be able to stop – it is deliciously indescribable! The taste is delicate, without pronounced accents (these same accents can be arranged according to their preferences: a little more pepper, special spices, spicy herbs, etc.)
Such mackerel is an excellent traditional snack. 😉 And it's good for potatoes, and for sandwiches. We rarely get to the glamorous serving – usually pickled mackerel leaves just like that: with pita bread, onions and butter.

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