Chinese New Year 2021

Marinated chicken ventricles in soy sauce piquant and incredibly tasty

For the preparation we need
* 0.5 kg chicken ventricles
* 5 cloves of garlic
* Vinegar 1.4 glasses
* 1.2 cups of sunflower oil
* tablespoon of soy sauce
* bunch of dill
* salt and pepper to taste.

Step by step recipe
First of all, we need to boil the ventricles in salted water until ready. By the time it is an hour and a half. Leave, let cool. Cut the cooled ventricles into thin straws. Peel and cut the onion into half rings. Combine the stomachs and onions, season with soy sauce and spices to taste. Mix well. Pass the garlic through a press. Heat the oil in a microwave. Wash fresh dill and chop finely. Mix oil, garlic, vinegar and dill. Mix well. Pour the garlic mixture into the ventricles. Mix gently.Send to the fridge overnight to marinate. Enjoy your meal!

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