Chinese New Year 2021


Amazingly delicious

3-4 eggs
1 cup of cream
150 gr. Cheese
salt pepper
3-4 chicken fillets
4-6 pickled cucumbers
3-4 tomatoes

1. Beat 3-4 eggs with a glass of cream and 150 grams of grated cheese. Salt and pepper.
2. Take a pack of boiled spaghetti and mix them with the egg mass.
3. We spread in the greased form.
4. Put a mixture of raw chicken (3-4 fillets) and pickled cucumbers (4-6 pieces) on them. Salt and pepper.
5. Then tomatoes (3-4) circles and a mesh of mayonnaise.
6. The last layer is grated cheese.
7. And now in the oven at 200 degrees until the cheese becomes rosy golden!

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