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Mackerel Sagudai

A hundred times so did … Yum!

I hasten to share a delicious recipe for salting fish. At the same time, it is absolutely uncouth and simple. The fish turns out awesome! I advise everybody who loves fish to cook, I’ll say more, I’m bluntly insisting PREPARE))
Sagudai is a fresh fish appetizer common in northern Russia.

So, we need 3 mackerel:

3-4 bulbs,
3 tbsp. l salt
1 tbsp. l sugar
1/2 cup oils
1/2 cup 9% vinegar (a little less),
1 glass of water
ground black pepper,
Bay leaf.

My mackerel was frozen.
I defrosted it, but not completely, so it is easier to cut and
smoother. Fish to cut, remove the head, entrails and
black film in the abdomen. Cut. Put in the container (jar,
container, which is more convenient) layers. Layer the fish, sprinkle with a mixture of salt and
sugar, just add ground pepper. Layer of onion in half rings, sprinkle with dill. Next, a layer of fish. Sometimes we add a bay leaf.
Mix vinegar, oil, water (boiled, cooled).
Pour this mixture on the fish, put it in the fridge, after 4 hours you can eat. The salmon turns slightly spicy, the fish with the aroma of dill melts in your mouth, in short it is hard to tear off, almost impossible.

Enjoy your meal!

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