Chinese New Year 2021

Layered salad with canned fish

1 can of fish preserves;
5 boiled eggs;
2 onions;
green onions to taste;
5-6 pieces of boiled potatoes;
dill, parsley to taste.
We cut the peeled onions with my little one and then put and level it with the first layer in a salad bowl.
Fish canned need to knead with a fork without pulling them out of the jar (do not drain the juice), then put on top of the onion with the second layer.
We clean the eggs from the shell, take the yolks from them (for the time being we set them aside). Squirrels are finely chopped and put a third layer.
Three boiled potatoes on a large grater and spread it in the fourth layer. Smooth the surface and season with mayonnaise.
Now we take our yolks from eggs, which were previously set aside and crumbled on a fifth layer of lettuce.
From above we decorate with green onions, parsley and dill. Salad do not mix. Done!

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