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Kvachim cabbage

Best recipes

1. Delicious crispy cabbage "Chamomile" – very simple!

Continuing the theme of cabbage, we prepare a delicious pickled snack from

Such cabbage is marinated together with beets, which gives it to leaflets not
only great taste and aroma, but also a beautiful pink color.

It is because of its color, similar to the color of rose petals, cabbage
"Pelyustka" and got its name.

"Pelyustka" in Ukrainian means petal.

It turns out very tasty and has a sharp-sweet taste.

Ingredients for 3-liter jar:

1 small cabbage boil up to 1.5 kg;

1 large beets;

1 cup (200 ml) of vinegar 9%;

1/2 vegetable oil;

5-7 cloves of garlic;

3/4 cup sugar;

4 peppercorns;

3 buds cloves;

2 tablespoons salt;

1 bitter red pepper who loves;

bay leaf – 3pcs;

1 liter of water

Starting cooking is very simple:

My vegetables, we remove from the cabbage the upper leaves, the mode of sticks,
pyramids as you like, as long as the bank through the neck
logged in
Beets cut into thin slices.
Garlic mode, each tooth in half.
Red pepper who likes just too in half, who do not like and can
do not put.
We put in a jar in layers: cabbage, beet, garlic, and so on until its very
filling in tightly.
Pour vinegar and vegetable oil into cabbage.
In a saucepan, make marinade, mix water, sugar, salt, bay
leaf, cloves, allspice and bring to a boil.
When boiling pour our marinade in cabbage.
Water will immediately begin to be painted in a beautiful dark pink color.
Cabbage for a day leave to pickle at room temperature, then
rearrange in the fridge and for another day.
Our delicious crispy cabbage "Stump" is ready, very tasty as well
It turns out beets and garlic.
When serving, you can cut the onion and fill with vegetable oil.

2. Guri cabbage (Caucasian cuisine)

White cabbage – 3 kg.
Beet – 500 g
Wine vinegar (red) – 2 tbsp
Sugar – 3 tbsp.
Coriander seeds – 1 tbsp.
Black pepper peas – 10 pcs.
Carnation buds – 10 pcs.
Salt – 1 tbsp.
Cooking method

Step 1 Cut the cabbage into 6-8 pieces without cutting the stalk.
Step 2 Peel the beets and cut into thin circles.
Step 3 Sterilize the jar (3 liter). Put in a jar layers
cabbage and beets.
Step 4 In a saucepan of 1 l. water, put salt, sugar, vinegar, coriander,
pepper and cloves. Bring to a boil, pour hot marinade.
Step 5 At room temperature, hold for 5 days.
Step 6 Then store in a cool dark place, refrigerator.
Step 7 Who loves quick, put 1-2 hot red peppers in a jar,
cut along in half.
Enjoy your meal!

3. Sauerkraut. My favorite recipe.

How much cabbage will fit in a jar can be approximately calculated
based on the fact that for every liter it is necessary to take 1 kg of cabbage, but
take a little more because of the waste.

On a 4-liter jar:
4-4.5kg cabbage in heads
350-400g carrots
salt – to taste
sugar – a couple of large pinch, but most likely, also to taste

If you use a combine, then take the nozzle for the smallest pieces.
Slice the cabbage and slide it. Rub carrots and fold over
cabbage. Sprinkle carrots with salt and sugar, and mix well,
but not aggressively, but gently. Well, if you have a big bowl,
Bowl is much more convenient to do. Once carrots evenly
distributed over cabbage, try on salt and on sugar. Taste must
to be such that you enjoy eating it right now, as a
salad dressing Fill a jar of cabbage tightly, but without fanaticism, trying at least
and tamp the cabbage, but still sparing it. Do not fill the jar until
very top, leave some room for cabbage juice.
Cover the jar with a tight lid and leave it on the table for two days,
if the apartment is warm. If it's cool, it will take a day or two more.
How to understand that cabbage is ready? It will become like a glass in appearance and
will sink in its own juice, and its taste will be pleasantly sour. I am very
I love her at this moment.

Finished cabbage should be closed with a lid and put in the refrigerator. There
the juice released from the cabbage will partially return.

I do not recommend doing a lot of cabbage right away, because the process of pickling,
albeit more slowly, but continues in the refrigerator.

4. Delicious crispy sauerkraut!

The composition of the 3-liter jar:

cabbage – 3kg

carrots – 2 medium

salt – 70 gr

bay leaf – 10 pcs.

black pepper peas – 10 pcs.

The method of cooking sauerkraut is very simple and very tasty:

Cabbage and carrot wash. Shred cabbage, and rub carrots on large

Mix cabbage and carrots, add salt. She should be a little
salty than usual in a salad, so when salting, try cabbage on

Add bay leaf and peppercorns and mix again.

It's good to rub everything with your hands and tamp in the jar, very tight –
fist or tolkushkoy (each layer), the bank must be filled to
very top (so if you have a little cabbage, take a can of smaller

Put a jar of cabbage in a deep plate and leave it on the table on
three to four days. Cabbage ferments at a temperature of about 20-21 "C.

Once or twice a day you need to poke cabbage in several places before
the very bottom to release the accumulated gas (if you do not
cabbage will be bitter). You can pierce with a long knife or wooden

The jar should be covered with a lid! (but not fully closed).

After 3 – 4 days, close the jar with cabbage with a nylon lid and remove
in the fridge. In the cold, the fermentation process will end.

5. Poor cabbage fast.


So, chop 2 kg of fresh cabbage, grate 3-4 carrots on a large
grater, 4 cloves large winter garlic cut.

Pour the marinade a little cold: 1 liter of water – 1/2 cup
sugar, 2 tablespoons coarse salt with a hill, 10 stuffed peppercorns, 5
Cloves, 4 pcs. bay leaf – boil for 10 minutes, add 1/2
cups of vegetable oil and 1/2 cup of 9% vinegar.

Press the yoke down to complete cooling, transfer it to the 3-liter jar and
clean in the fridge for a day. Then the cabbage is ready to eat. AT
the refrigerator, it is well kept under a regular lid, but she is not
would need -)

6. Cabbage with pickled beets for the winter

Once I came to visit my mom's friend, we were treated to a great
preserved – it was cabbage with beets pickled for the winter. it
It was a long time ago, because the recipe, which we naturally then asked,
was already lost. But years later, I was flipping through the magazine in search of interesting and
delicious dishes. And what was my surprise to see exactly
We liked the cabbage with beets for the winter in banks.
Immediately, I went to the store and bought these ingredients:

– cabbage – bike,
– beetroot – 1 piece,
– garlic – 1 piece,
– horseradish root – 2 pieces,
– bay leaf – 2 leaves,
– salt – 3 liters 3 tablespoons,
– fragrant black pepper – 6 peas,
– water – 3 liters,
– sugar – 10 tablespoons,
– Vinegar – 200 grams.
Cabbage cut into pieces that fit easily into a 1-liter
Beetroot rubbed on a coarse grater, although many also cut into pieces. But this
as you like.
Cooking pickle. We put water on the fire, waiting for the full boil. Then
add salt, sugar, vinegar
and beets, cook until beets are half cooked.
Add allspice,
bay leaf and remove from heat.
Grind horseradish root and garlic on a blender. Banks by the way is necessary
everything will be sterilized, otherwise any conservation will not stand.
In the banks we begin to lay the cabbage, periodically pouring the resulting
brine with beets and alternating with horseradish and garlic.
Finished preservation is closed with iron lids and left to
a few days warm until ready. Then we drop it in the cellar
the onset of winter. And in the winter for a holiday or for dinner we spread on

7. Korean salad for the winter.

In the photo, the process of mixing the salad in a basin …
– 2 kg of shredded white cabbage;
– 1.5 kg of grated carrots;
– 350 g of onion, cut into rings and half rings;
– 150-200 g of peeled garlic;
– 125 g of sugar;
– 2 tbsp. spoons of salt;
– 250 ml of 9% vinegar (or 175 ml of water 75 ml of 70% acetic essence;
– 250 ml of vegetable oil (I prefer refined sunflower)
– 1.5 tsp of red pepper;
– 2 tsp. Ground black pepper;
– 4 tsp. Ground coriander
– if desired, you can still add spices to your taste, such as cardamom,
dried basil, turmeric, ginger, ground bay leaf.

All shredded vegetables stored in a large bowl, squeeze there
garlic, sprinkle with salt and sugar, pour with oil and vinegar, add
spice. And gently mix the handles, but not knead! Next salad
put them in clean jars, close them with plastic lids and
leave for a day at room temperature.

Do not eat the rest of the salad immediately !!! Cabbage in banks the next day
prompts and will need to add a little to each container.
Then clean in a cold place.


-2 kg – cabbage
-0.4 kg – carrots
-4 slices – garlic
-can add apple, beetroot
-150 ml – oil
-150 ml – 9% vinegar
-100 gr. – sugar
-2 tbsp. – salt
-3 pcs. – laurel
-5-6 peas – black pepper
-0.5 l – water

1. Chop everything, grate carrot, chop garlic into plates.
Lay tightly in a jar.
2. Pour all marinade ingredients into the pan and boil everything 5
min Pour boiling marinade over cabbage.
3. Ready in the morning! You can eat!

9. Layered salad with cabbage.

Bell pepper

To fill: 2 liters of water – 2 tbsp. spoons of salt, 6 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar, pepper
peas, cloves, bay leaf, acetic acid in 1 jar (0.7 – 1
l) – 1 / 3-1 / 2 tsp.

All vegetables are thoroughly washed. Cut cabbage into thin chips.
Peel the cucumbers and cut them into 7-8 mm thick circles.
Tomatoes must first be freed from the skin, for this we do on
the top of a shallow cross-shaped incision, fill for a few minutes
boiling water, pour cold, after which the skin is easily removed.
Cut tomatoes into thick circles.
Pepper is released from the seeds and cut, depending on the size of the fruit
rings or wide straws.
Onions cut in thick circles and disassemble into rings.

At the bottom of the sterilized jars put a sprig of parsley, and then layers in
random order, alternating colors, laid vegetables.

Cooking pouring: dissolve sugar and salt in water, put spices (everything
except vinegar), boil for 5 minutes and pour the jars.

Next, I put the jars in the microwave to blanch the vegetables and
sterilization for 10-15 minutes.

After that we twist the jars, pre-injected with acetic acid,
turn over the lid and cover with something warm (blanket, rug in
several additions) for additional self-sterilization.
Opening a jar of lettuce in winter, you can serve it as a side dish or as
snack food Vegetables are sweet and sour, not spicy, stimulating.

10. Sauerkraut with beets

Peel the beets and cut into large plates with a thickness of 0.5 cm.
Small cabbages cut into eight pieces, coarsely chopped
garlic and celery. Lay the beets, cabbage, garlic on the bottom of the dish
and celery; then again beets, etc., until the dishes are filled until

Boil water, pour the cabbage with hot pickle (1 tablespoon of water per 1 liter of water
a spoonful of salt, 10g of sugar). Ingredients: cabbage – 1 head, beet – 1 pc,
celery – 1.3 pieces, garlic – near the head. Optionally, you can add
horseradish root, parsley, Bulgarian pepper

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