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Korean carrot salad. Step by step recipe

Korean carrot salad cooks very quickly, in just 15 minutes!

And it looks quite unusual and elegant, like the very name of the salad – "MATRESHKA".

This is achieved by using small cherry tomatoes cut in half.

In short, if the guests are on the doorstep, and there is no desire to stand at the stove at all, we go to the store, buy everything and make this salad.

The most important thing is to buy cherry tomatoes, which, unfortunately, are not always on sale.

You can, of course, buy ordinary tomatoes, but it will no longer be Matryoshka, and it will not be festive at all …

This is what Matryoshka salad looks like …

Korean carrot salad. Photo from the site Cook. RU

To make Korean salad with carrots, we need:

  • Smoked chicken fillet – 1 pc.
  • Korean carrots – 200 g
  • Canned corn – 1 can
  • Eggs – 4 pcs.
  • Green onions – 1 bunch
  • Pickled mushrooms – 200g
  • Mayonnaise – 200 g
  • Cherry tomatoes – for salad dressing

Delicious Korean salad with carrots. Recipe:

Step 1. Boil and cool the eggs. We prepare all the products and take out a flat wide plate for laying out the salad in layers.

Step 2. The first layer is finely chopped pickled or salted mushrooms.

Step 3. The second layer is finely chopped green onions.

Step 4. The third layer is smoked chicken, cut into small cubes, or simply torn into small pieces by hand. Lubricate with mayonnaise.

Step 5. The fourth layer – Korean carrots.

Step 6. Fifth layer – diced eggs.

Step 7. Lay out the corn with the last layer.

Step 8. Fill the salad with mayonnaise or sour cream in an even layer.

Step 9. Decorate the salad with halves of cherry tomatoes, cut in half.

A delicious Korean salad with carrots is ready. Bon Appetit!

And here is another simple and delicious salad with Korean carrots called "Chanterelle".

"Chanterelle" salad with Korean carrots. Step by step cooking recipe.

As you can see, two salads with Korean carrots may look completely different, and they taste different too, although they seem to contain similar ingredients.

Both contain chicken and Korean carrots, only one salad contains smoked chicken, and the other is fried. So choose by ingredients what you cook faster.

Bon Appetit! And be healthy!

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