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Jellied chicken


To have enough snacks for 6 people, it will be enough:
Chicken fillet (about 500-700 g)
1-2 liters of water
Onions, carrots, garlic, green peas
Salt, black pepper, bay leaf


Wash chicken meat thoroughly and stew in salted water. To make the broth saturated and fragrant, add the onion head and carrots cut into pieces. Just do not forget to add garlic (squeeze it in the garlic), pepper, bay leaf and some spices at your discretion.
After the chicken has cooked, strain the broth, and put all the ingredients separately. Pour a pack of gelatin into the broth and stir.
While the gelatin swells, chop the fillet and vegetables. If you wish, you can add a boiled egg, mushrooms, various greens to the total mass – in general, everything that your culinary mind thinks of.
Put the sliced ​​ingredients together with the peas into layers in a deep bowl and pour over the broth. Then put in the refrigerator until the dish is completely frozen.

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