Chinese New Year 2021

I suggest you cook the most delicious lard

I advise you to take note of this simple and affordable recipe for delicious bacon, which you can easily prepare for dinner or a snack.
Try it – you will not regret! The snack turns out incredibly tasty, sweep away the land.
• fat
• water – 1 liter
• table salt – 1 glass
• bay leaf – 3-4 pieces
• bell pepper – to taste
• onions – 1 piece
• garlic – 3-4 cloves
• ground black pepper.
How to cook tasty lard:
We put the fat in the pan, and then make brine. Brine: pour 1 cup of salt into 1 liter of water, add 3-4 leaves of laurea, peppercorns and one onion (I clean it) boil the brine and after a minute pour the lard with hot brine, put the oppression (under the 3-liter can of water) . Let the fat stand in the heat for 3-4 days. Then remove it from the brine, wipe it dry and rub it with crushed garlic and sprinkle with ground black pepper, put in storage in the freezer and do not pull it away.

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