Chinese New Year 2021


Super dough for dumplings and dumplings. ALWAYS a clean kitchen. Remember the highlight of the recipe. The dough turns out great! It is called "Clean Hands", and it turns out, flour for sculpting is almost not needed. I fell in love with him and make dumplings and dumplings only from him! My family really likes!

✔ soda 1 tbsp. (carbonated mineral water)
✔ egg 1 pc
✔ salt 0, 5 tsp
✔ sugar 0, 5 tsp
✔ vegetable oil 4 tbsp.
✔ flour 4 tbsp. (less possible)

In a bowl, combine all ingredients except flour. Flour flour gradually, because it is all different. Knead a soft, elastic, shiny dough so as not to stick to your hands and the table. All the flour, we no longer need. This is why you will love the dough – for a clean kitchen))) From this portion about 1 kg is obtained. test. Next sculpt dumplings or dumplings, it can be cooked, simmer or bake. Also suitable for pasties, but then do not add an egg to the dough.

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