New Recipes 2021

Homemade Roast

– 500 gr – meat
– 1 pc – bulb onion
– 1 pc – carrots
– 1 pc – Bulgarian pepper
– 2 pieces – tomatoes
– potatoes

Cut the meat into slices and fry until semi ready. Add chopped onion and fry with meat. Pepper and carrots cut into strips and add to the meat. Fry everything until the carrots are soft. Add 1-2 tablespoons of flour and mix. Put the diced potatoes on the meat, pour almost all the potatoes with water, salt and pepper. Stew under the lid until the potatoes are ready. Cut the tomatoes into cubes and add to the roast. Add bay leaf and stew for another 10 minutes. When the roast is ready, remove the bay leaf. Sprinkle with herbs when serving.
Enjoy your meal!

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