Chinese New Year 2021


-100 gr. butter
– sugar glass
-2 eggs
– Glass of Hercules Flakes
-A glass of flour
– Stuffing (nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits)

1. To start the butter together with sugar, lay out in a convenient dish and begin to knead with a fork.
2. Then stir with a mixer until a homogeneous mass.
3. Add two eggs and mix
4. We pour out a glass of oat flakes
5. Stir and add the filling to taste. Who likes what. You can add nuts, dried apricots, raisins or candied fruit, and you can put it all together. Total about 2 glasses of filling.
6. Stir and add a glass of flour.
7. From the resulting mass make balls, dip in flour and shape the cookies.
8. Spread on a baking sheet, which is covered with baking paper and smeared with olive oil.
9. They will look something like this:
10. We put in the oven for 200 * and bake for 15-20 minutes. That's all. Enjoy your meal!

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