Chinese New Year 2021

Home-made ham

We will need

2 kg of pork, ham, fresh, not frozen.
1 large garlic,
a bit of mustard and mayonnaise.

foil for baking.

Cooking Boiled Pork

• Cover part of the table with foil and place meat on top.
• Cut the cloves of garlic along and with the help of a knife, pushing pork with them more or less evenly.
• Next, mix the mayonnaise with mustard and salt and evenly coat the whole ham.
• Give the meat a more compact form.
• You can taste a little pepper or sprinkle with paprika, but not necessary.
• After that, tightly in several layers without sparing the foil, wrap the meat and put it on the broth, preferably with deep edges.
• Put in the oven and forget about 3.5 – 4 hours
• After this, we get out of the oven, unwrap and let cool.

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