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Favorite poldenditsa

We buy good meat – in stores it is called “cut” or meat “for chops” (I love that there is only a millimeter layer of fat around the edge, but my colleague uses the neck because he loves greasy veins).

By the way, it will be almost twice cheaper than buying ready-made dandy — and the difference in taste!

So, we buy. On the same day, we begin the multi-day cooking process.

Boil three liters of water. In boiling water pour half a liter of coarse salt. Salt dissolves – turn off the water and cool to room temperature. In this solution, we lower our meat – and leave it for exactly 24 hours at room temperature (you can't take out the cold!).

The next day we take the meat out of the water and put it on a napkin or a rag to dry.

Now it's up to the seasonings: generously and without any regret we dab the half-candy with spices. You can use the purchased “for homemade sausage” or “for lard and salted pork fat”, you can – and it tastes better – make your own mix of cumin, coriander, pepper and dried dill. The more seasonings, the tastier the half-sugar.

You can mash the meat on top with tolkushkoy. Cover it with a rag – and send to lie down already in the refrigerator for another 24 hours.

We get for the next day. We take gauze or a wide bandage – and tightly dodge our meat. Tie the top with a strong thread, leaving the tail. We hang on the battery or in any convenient place in the kitchen, and if it happens in the summer, then just outside.

After three or four days we remove – and put in the fridge, if we eat right away, or in the freezer, if cooked for the holiday.
After homework there is no shopkeeper anyway.

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