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Eggplant “Favorite”

Although eggplant dishes are gaining popularity lately, many still do not know that you can cook them with this tasty vegetable.
We offer you a simple and at the same time very tasty recipe for an eggplant snack.

Eggplant “Favorite”.
Ingredients: 1 head of garlic
Half a glass of vinegar
Half a cup of sugar
Half a cup of boiling water
3 pieces of bell pepper
4 kg of eggplants
3 carrots
3 pieces of onion
Vegetable oil for frying
Salt to taste

Eggplant “Favorite” snack preparation method
Cut the eggplants in thick circles, add salt and leave for half an hour to get rid of bitterness. Now lightly fry from one side and the other. Then cook the roast. Chop coarsely: Bulgarian pepper strips, onion half rings and rub carrots on a coarse grater. And all this is fried a little. At the end of the frying we add garlic to the vegetables, passed through a press. Lay the obtained ingredients in layers in a saucepan: a layer of eggplants – a layer of vegetables – a layer of eggplants, a layer of vegetables. Ready marinade: mix water, sugar and vinegar. Pour eggplants with marinade. Store the prepared snack in the fridge. Eggplant “Favorite” snack is perfect for any dish and side dish. Have a nice appetite!

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