Chinese New Year 2021

Egg pancake cake with chicken filling.

per 100 grams – 122.19 kcal
B / F / L – 13.63 / 5.73 / 3.88


Egg 4 pcs
Milk 50 gr
Flour 1 tablespoon
Olive oil 15 gr

Boiled chicken breast 400 gr
Pickled cucumber 100 gr
1 onion
Sour cream low-fat
Salt, pepper, dill, garlic.


Mix all the ingredients on the pancakes, add butter.
It turns out 7 pieces of pancakes, we make the filling. Boiled breast finely chopped. Diced cucumber, diced onion, finely chopped garlic.
Add greens., 2 tablespoons sour cream. To mix everything. We collect a cake from 6 cake layers: 1 cake for decoration.
From above 1 tbsp. Sour cream on the sides, evenly spread
7 th cake cut into thin strips, and lay out in the form of a spiral.
Enjoy your meal!

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