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Delicious, juicy, fragrant kebab in a slow cooker.

1 kg of meat (veal, pork, chicken or turkey fillet – to your taste)

2 kiwis
2 bell peppers
4 onions
Salt, pepper, ground coriander – to taste


1. Any kebab, even if it is cooked in a slow cooker, of course, begins with a marinade. If this dish is already unusual, then we will make the marinade corresponding.
So, for starters, remove the skin from the kiwi and clean 2 onions. Now send them together in a blender and grind well (until a homogeneous sauce is formed).
It should be noted that the kiwi tends to hold the juice of meat inside, as well as soften it. Thus, our kebab will just melt in your mouth!
2. Cut the Bulgarian red sweet pepper into large half-rings, and the two remaining onions into rings.
3. Now wash our meat thoroughly, and then cut it into pieces. Salt and pepper, rub it with ground coriander. After adding the previously made sauce of onions and kiwi, as well as sliced ​​peppers and onions. Stir well and marinate in the fridge (about 2-3 hours)
4. After that, we lay out our pickled meat in a slow cooker (along with marinade) and set the “Baking” mode (cooking time – 45 minutes).
Well, juicy, ruddy skewers are absolutely ready!
Before serving, the dish can be decorated with fresh chopped greens!

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