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Delicious dumplings in a pan. Step by step recipe

Delicious dumplings in a pan they are prepared very simply and easily.

And you can cook them in different ways. You can fry them, you can stew and you can bake.

Here we try today to cook stewed dumplings in a pan.

We are all used to cooking dumplings traditionally, boiling them in large quantities of water.

But they lose a lot of useful substances that we drain into the sink.

Some housewives cook soup on this water and do it right.

Especially if you still have homemade dumplings, then in general it’s a sin to pour water into the sink from under them.

To prepare delicious dumplings in a pan, we need:

  • Frozen Dumplings 500 g
  • – Tomatoes 400 g
  • – Bow 1 head
  • – Sour cream 6 tablespoons
  • – Salt to taste
  • – Ground allspice, black pepper to taste

Delicious dumplings in a pan. Recipe:

1. Finely chop the onion and fry in a pan until golden.

2. Add finely chopped tomatoes and sour cream to the onion.

3. Salt and pepper the sauce to taste and bring it to a boil.

4. Add our frozen dumplings to the pan, mix them and cover with a lid.

5. Stew dumplings over medium heat until cooked for about 10-12 minutes.

Enjoy your meal! Be healthy!

And here is a very interesting recipe for making dumplings with sour cream and cheese. The only negative of this dish is that it is too high in calories. All the same, a pound of sour cream was poured in and a pound of cheese probably. So for losing weight, this recipe is not very suitable.

Dumplings with sour cream and cheese. Step by step recipe

And here’s a Korean-style recipe for dumplings in a pan. We look at how to cook them …

Korean dumplings in a pan. Step by step recipe

The site also has a recipe for delicious dumplings in a double boiler

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