Chinese New Year 2021

Cutlets with very tasty filling


For minced meat:
-500 minced chicken
-1 onion
-1-2 cloves of garlic
-bread (to taste)
-1 egg
-salt pepper

For filling:
-100-150 g of cheese grate on a fine grater (I have mozzarella)
-2 boiled eggs grate
– finely chop the dill and dill
-2 tablespoons butter room temperature
– you can add favorite seasonings


Prepare the stuffing.
Cook the stuffing.
. I got a watery one. Maybe the bread had to be squeezed out better (I soaked it in water). But who, too, turned out to be watery, do not worry, everything will work out …
Hands soak in water, type minced meat with a spoon, make a well in the middle and put the stuffing in there.
Then form a patty. Wet hands are easy to do – no stuffing
Fry in hot vegetable oil, over low heat, from both sides until golden brown. Cover is not necessary. Cutlets very quickly cooked!
This is so yummy turned out! So tender! Juicy!

Enjoy your meal!

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