Chinese New Year 2021

Cutlet Tricks

Cunning number 1 – It is best to mix different stuffing: pork, beef, lamb.

Cunning number 2 – I do not advise you to add milk to mince. It is necessary to cultivate forcemeat with warm boiled water – to the consistency of thick cream.

Cunning number 3 – Put in mince need only egg yolks.

Cunning number 4 – The more onions put in the stuffing, the more delicious the burgers will be.

Trick number 5 – Bread in the stuffing is not necessary to add. Try adding any vegetables: cabbage, potatoes, carrots.

Fry the chops should be in a well-heated oil in a hot frying pan.
If you like, ground breadcrumbs or flour can be used as breading. You can form the cutlets with wet hands and immediately put in hot oil. And if you dip them in whipped protein, they will turn out especially tasty and juicy.

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