Chinese New Year 2021

Custard pancakes on kefir


● 1 tbsp. kefir
● 160 gr. flour
● 1 egg
● 1/3 tsp soda
● 1 tbsp. rast. oils
● 0.5 Art. boiling water
● 1 tsp Sahara
● 1/3 tsp salt


Kefir, eggs, salt, sugar and flour, beat a little. I add soda to boiling water, quickly stir and pour it into the dough. Stir and let stand a little (5 minutes).

At this time I warm up the pan, grease it with a small piece of butter (no longer smeared). I add vegetable oil to the dough, mix and bake pancakes on high heat. Bake quickly, make sure not to burn.

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