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Cottage cheese cookies.

How I love curd baking! And its incomparable aroma! Mmmmmm .. This cookie may be simple, but tasty, tasty!

You will need:

200 g granular curd
100 g butter
1 cup flour + flour for rolling

How to cook:

1. Process in the processor cheese, cold butter and flour into a crumb. Form a ball of dough, if necessary, using additional flour. Send to the fridge for an hour cool.

2. Roll out the dough (4 mm) on the sprinkled surface.

3. Cut the circles with a diameter of 6-7 cm.

4. Put sugar in a bowl and dip mugs of dough into it. Then fold the circle in half (sugar inside). Once again fold the semicircle in half and dunk again the top side into the sugar.

5. Put cookies on the laid bakery counter with a distance of 2 cm.

6. Bake for 20 minutes in a preheated to 190-200 degrees C oven.

And eat with pleasure!

Enjoy your meal!

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