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Chicken rasp реп

I absolutely love this recipe! It is so tasty and juicy! Became my favorite …


● Chicken breast – 3 pcs.
● 2-3 Art. l mayonnaise,
● 1 egg,
● 2-3 Art. l flour or starch
● salt, pepper to taste
● 3-4 cloves of garlic
● pinch curry


Chicken meat cut into small cubes,
add mayonnaise, egg, flour, salt, pepper, squeeze garlic.
It should turn out like dough for pancakes
and bake just like fritters in vegetable oil.

Comments: these "pancakes" are obtained such as "disheveled", that is, not perfect shape. It turns out very gentle. The recipe was taken on the Internet, unfortunately I don’t know the name of the author, it was a long time ago, but thanks a lot to him. In the "rag" you can add different spices to taste, finely chopped greens. Recently, I add another finely chopped small onion.
Enjoy your meal!

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