Chinese New Year 2021

Cheesecake with cookies

WITHOUT BAKING from a series of guests on the threshold or for lazy housewives, this gentle cake takes me a maximum of 15 minutes, the recipe is simple, but I think it will find its rightful place on the festive table. The youngest members of the family will especially enjoy this tasty dish.

cottage cheese – 250 g
sugar cookies – 250 g
bananas – 2 pcs
condensed milk – 3-4 tbsp. spoons
chocolate – 100 g

Cooking method

Add condensed milk to cottage cheese, grind until smooth.

Cookies for a few seconds, immerse in warm boiled water, put in a plate (I had 3 rows and 3 layers of cookies)

Brush with curd, put a banana on top and repeat the procedure (I had 3 rows and 3 layers of cookies).

Smear the sides and top of the cake with cottage cheese mass, top with leftover banana.

Chocolate grate and sprinkle with a cake.

Leave to soak for 1 hour and you can help yourself!

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