Chinese New Year 2021

Cheese snails

– 450 g of layered test (I had a bad one)
– 200 g Sulugyni
– 1 egg (for smearing products)
– flax seeds (for decoration)

Layer the test out on a flour-powdered table and lightly roll it up.
We need to cut it into 6 identical across the width of the long stripes.
Sulughuni is rubbing on a small one.
On each shoulder of the test, we turn off the raw cheese and twist it in the tube, tucking it to its full length.
Before forming the cochlea, you can lightly sprinkle the already filled half of the dough with water – this will allow you to keep the product on when it is folded.
Now we begin to fold each sundae around in a circle – y us get such a snail.
Formed articles are laid out on sheets for baking, greased with a beaten egg and decorated with flaxseeds.
15-17 minutes in the preheated to 200 degrees oven and our cheese snails are ready – beautiful, fresh and comfortable!

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