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Cheese pancakes with greens

1.5 Art. milk;
2 eggs;
1 tsp Sahara;
0.5 tsp salts;
150 grams of hard cheese (I had a regular, like “Russian”);
1 tsp baking powder;
1 tbsp. grows flavourless oils;
1 tbsp. flour (always sift)
and 10 grams of green dill.
A glass (old faceted fighter)))) = 250 ml.

Beaten eggs into strong foam with sugar and salt, added warm milk. Gradually introduced flour, baking powder, mixed. Then she added cheese (on a medium grater), finely chopped greens, vegetable oil and mixed well again.
Since I am a fan of thin pancakes, I could not restrain the mass and still slightly diluted with warm boiled water.
Grilled on "moderately moderately adapted" on fire The author recommended to grease the pan once.
But I still added a drop of vegetable oil. After baking, each pancake was greased with a butter veglet.
Served with sour cream sauce:
sour cream + dill + garlic (through the h / crush) + salt. Good!

Inna Dudnik (Stepanova)

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