Chinese New Year 2021


For the test:
3/4 cup water
50 g of rum, brandy or vodka,
2 tablespoons of sugar,
450-500 g of flour.

For honey syrup:
1 cup of honey
1 cup of sugar, (cook for 5 minutes)

Odorless cooking oil for frying – about 0.5 l.

Cooking method
Knead the dough, roll out very finely, cut into diamonds or stripes.
In the middle of each strip, make a cut through which twist one end of each strip several times.

Stir fry in a small saucepan in unscented hot sunflower oil a few pieces at a time.

To get out the reddened brushwood with a slotted spoon, put on a napkin to stack the remaining fat.

Ready brushwood (from which a stack of excess fat is already), if desired, pour honey or hot honey syrup and put it on a dish.

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