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Boiled patties with cheese and mushroom filling


250 ml. warm milk,
2 tsp. sah peska
1 tsp salt.
1.5 tsp dry yeast
oil rast.- 2 table. l.

100 gr. mushrooms (fry with onions).
100 gr. cheese (grate)
tomato -1 pc. (dice cubes)
Mayonnaise -1 table. spoon.


Knead the dough (so that it lags well behind the hands), cover with a towel and leave for 40 minutes. Then lower and divide into balls, let them come up a little (10 minutes).

Roll each ball a little, then zip it around the edges – you’ll have a boat.

Filling: combine all the ingredients for the filling and mix well.

Lay the boat on a greased baking sheet. Lubricate the boats with a beaten egg and you can stack the filling (2 tsp each). Bake in 20 minutes at 250-15 minutes.

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