Chinese New Year 2021

Banana pudding in a slow cooker

Banana – 4 pcs
Semolina – 0.5 cup
Milk – 1 cup
Egg – 2 pcs

The recipe for cooking banana pudding in a slow cooker:
First, mix the milk and eggs: this can be done manually or with a blender. Then add the semolina to the resulting mixture and beat again thoroughly. After that, clean the bananas, cut them into circles and lay out in a baking dish.

Fill the bananas with the resulting mixture and put in a slow cooker for about 40 minutes. When the pudding is ready, you need to get it out of the slow cooker and let it cool slightly. In this case, the liquid formed during the cooking process and speaking on the edges of the dish, is absorbed back. After that, the pudding can be cut into pieces and served to the table.

Enjoy your meal!

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