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Mackerel – 2 pcs;
Salt – 1 tbsp. l (with tiddly slides);
Sugar – 1st.l. (with a BIG slide);
Mustard powder – 1 tbsp. l (just with a slide)
Cooking method
Cut the mackerel, remove the entrails and bones, leave the skin.

Each filet can be divided into 2 parts, you can not do this.

Salt, sugar and mustard mix well. Sprinkle this mixture on all sides.
Put in a bowl, cover with a lid, put in the cold for a day.

Take out, slightly rinse with water, hold in a colander (so that the moisture is removed), put it on the parchment paper (cutting board) with the peel down for a couple of hours, so that the balychis dry out a little – get stronger.
After that we hang in any convenient way in any convenient place. Leave for another day. Everything is very delicious!!!

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