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● cups of flour 3.5
● sour cream 200g
● softened margarine 200g
● soda at the tip of the knife
● jam or fruit to taste
● spoons of powdered sugar 3-4st.l
● a small pinch of salt on request

Mix flour, salt and soda and put the sliced ​​softened margarine. Grind margarine with flour into a homogeneous crumbly mass. If this mass begins to stick together in the dough, then the margarine melted and in this case, the mass needs to be cooled. Add sour cream to the crumbly mass and knead the dough.
Divide into 4 parts. From each roll a circle and cut it into 8 segments.

Put jam on a wide edge. It is desirable that this was not liquid jam, which will flow out during baking, but whole pieces. For example, slices of apples or apricots. Turn from the wide part to the tip (to the center of the circle). Make a crescent, lay on a baking sheet and bake until browning. Heat out of the oven and immediately sprinkle with powdered sugar. This must be done, otherwise the products will turn out a little sweet.

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